ED Tracking Shell for Pharmacy

When working in the ED at your facility, you will need to use the ED Tracking Shell as a guideline to view the patients and their current status in the ED.

You are interested in viewing a comprehensive list of all patients in the ED who require BPMH.

You will not be using the ED application, FirstNet. Medication Requests will typically be handled by pharmacy technicians however there may be the need for pharmacists to help with workload.


WARNING: There is no lock for the Documented Medication Hx screen

CST Cerner allows multiple users to simultaneously view add/or edit a patient’s External Rx History (PharmaNet) and Documented Medication by Hx (BPMH).

There is a potential for duplicate or conflicted entries and will cause errors or omissions downstream.

Ensure only one user edits the patient’s BPMH at any one time.

Clinical areas using a tracking shell are encouraged to update the BPMH status and record events in a timely manner.



View All Patients Requiring Best Possible Medication History (BPMH)View All Patients Requiring Best Possible Medication History (BPMH)

Log in to PowerChart with your Username and Password.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT login directly to the FirstNet application. Pharmacists do not have access to this application


Click on Tracking Shell from the toolbar.

Depending on the location (hospital) of where you work, the ED tabs will already be set to your location.

 The Tracking Shell screen appears.

NOTE: For this Tracking Shell screen only, this page updates automatically every 60 seconds. You will not have to refresh the page each time.


ED Tracking Shell Icon Meanings by ColumnsED Tracking Shell Icon Meanings by Columns

Other Icons by Column

Screen Tips that appear when you hover over the icon

Alerts column


CTAs indicators

EDMD column



Alerts column

Alerts column

Disposition column


Disposition column

Events column

Events column

Events column

Registration overdue by 30 minutes

Events column

Registration overdue by 15 minutes

Events column



Find All ED Patients Requiring BPMHFind All ED Patients Requiring BPMH

There is a filter setup for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians to find patients requiring BPMH.

Locate the Filter label and choose Perform BPMH LGH from the drop-down list.

The List will truncate to only show patients requiring BPMH.


Highlight the patient line for which BPMH is to be performed.

Open your assigned ED patient’s chart by double-clicking the Blue Play button  in the first column.

The patient’s chart will open.

BPMH can now be performed on your patient. Please refer to Pharmacist Workbook #1 for instructions to complete BPMH.


Complete the BPMH EventComplete the BPMH Event

Click Tracking Shell.

Click on the patient line for Patient A.

Right-click on the patient name, and select Complete Event.

Select Perform BPMH.

The capsule icon  drops when BPMH is completed.

The entire patient row will disappear if your filter is still set to Perform BPMH LGH since that patient no longer requires a BPMH event.

NOTE: Home medications can be updated at any time in PowerChart, even if status states Complete.


Reverse the Complete Perform BPMH EventReverse the Complete Perform BPMH Event

Click on the patient line for Patient A.

Light-click on the patient name, select Request Event à Perform BPMH.

The pill icon will reappear under the Events column for the patient.



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