BCH Onc/Hem/BMT Tracking Shell Icons


See Oncology Tracking Shell Overview for specific information on the application.

Other Services ColumnOther Services Column



Physical Therapist

Social Worker

Child Life Specialist



Occupational Therapist


Provider Exam Needed (surgeon, radiation oncologist or another provider which may be requested)


Chemo Actions ColumnChemo Actions Column



Treatment on Hold

Good to Go (Patient has met required metric for chemo)


IT Chemo Complete


To Note ColumnTo Note Column



Patient to be Admitted

Porter Called

Apheresis (patient is receiving apheresis)

Blood Product Order (? Transfusion/Need Orders)

Transfusion (patient is receiving a transfusion)

Chemotherapy (patient is receiving chemotherapy)

Clinical Trial/Study (patient is on study)

Infusions (patient is receiving non-chemotherapy infusions)

Interpreter (interpreter required and/or present)

Isolation (patient is on precautions)

Labs (patient is having labs drawn)

Medications (patient receiving medications that are not infusions)

Procedure (patient is receiving LP/BMBx/IT Chemo/Line Removal)

Other Nursing Actions (dressing changes, NG, care that is not medication related)

Patient Off Unit

Ready for Treatment (patient is ready to start treatment)

Treatment in Progress

Volunteer Needed




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Published March 10, 2022



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