Fix Incorrect or Missed Tracking Location in Ambulatory Organizer for Checked-In Patients (Clerk)


Scenario: During the Check In process, the clerk selects an incorrect Tracking Location for the patient appointment. As a result, the patient appears on the wrong Tracking Shell for the clinicians.

Solution: The Clerk needs to update the Status field to the correct location in the Ambulatory Organizer so the patient appears in the correct Tracking Shell.

Open PowerChart with Ambulatory Organizer view.

If the filter has not yet been set to display your clinic patients  (Example: Renal Post Transplant) in the Ambulatory Organizer follow below steps:

Click the Patients for: field in the Day View tab.

Type your clinic/program name such as SPH renal post in the Search box.

Select the correct name such as SPH Renal Post Resource Group.

Click the Apply button.

The Ambulatory Organizer now displays patients for the selected clinic/unit.

Find the already checked-in appointment with the wrong location for the patient on Ambulatory Organizer.

Click on the incorrect tracking shell location name in the Status field to view the entire tracking location list.

Select the appropriate location from the list.



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Last Updated: May 3, 2021



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