Set a Workstation Location on a Tracking Shell


This help topic is intended to overview how to set a workstation location if you do not see the proper Tracking Lists or do not see any at all.

Some positions, such as Research Positions, are able to view all tracking shell locations. Follow these steps to set a position to only view their current facility location.

Other positions, such as Surgery, have set their positions to only view designated locations.

Navigate to Tracking Shell on the toolbar.

Click on List.

Click on Set Workstation Location.

Select the proper Location View.

Expand your facilities to the unit level.

Select your desired unit.

Exit PowerChart and log back in.

You should now only see your selected facilities tracking lists.


NOTE: For further information please see the following CST Cerner Help Topic: Add/Remove Tracking Shell Lists.





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Published: August 24, 2021



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