Tracking Shell Overview (Hemodialysis)


This help topic is aimed at the positions (HD Charge RN, HD Nurse and Unit Clerk) that use Tracking Shell for an overview of the patients on the Dialysis Unit.


Access Tracking ShellAccess Tracking Shell

Click the Tracking Shell button in the toolbar.

The Location tabs display several Tracking Shell views.

Select the applicable location by clicking its tab (i.e. SPH HD Unit).

Review the Tracking Shell columns, which display specific patient details and nurse related activities.


NOTE: Patients require to be checked-in from the Ambulatory Organizer in order for the patient to appear on the Tracking Shell. Refer to Check In Patient using Ambulatory Organizer.


Customize the ListCustomize the List

To further customize the list, you can select the Filter drop down (i.e. SPH HD – Now Running).


NOTE: Each column on the tracking shell allows you to sort the information in chronological order or reverse chronological order.


To find a patient on the unit you can sort the list by order of location.

Click on the Location column heading.


NOTE: A triangle will appear on the far right side of column you have selected.


The triangle is a visual queue that indicates the order in which the information has been sorted.  The default is chronological order. If you click on the Location column heading a second time a reverse triangle appears.   This will allow you to view the information in reverse order.


Alternatively, a patient can be selected alphabetically from the Patient drop-down.

Once selected, the patient information will be highlighted from the patient list.


NOTE: To open the patients chart from tracking shell, click the blue forward arrow 


HD Tracking Shell ColumnsHD Tracking Shell Columns

Location Column

In order to assign a patient to a specific station from the St. Paul’s Hospital Hemodialysis Waiting Room (SPH HDWR) or change any location.

Double-click on the location box of the patient that you want to assign a station to. 

Select the appropriate station. 

Click OK.


NOTE: You may also double click on the appropriate station for the selection to be chosen.


Name and Age/Gender Column

Note the three patient identifiers on the HD Tracking Shell: Patient Name, Age, and Gender.


RN/LPN Assignment Column

In the RN/LPN Assignment column, you can type your name under the specific patients that you have been assigned to.  

 Navigate to the RN/LPN Assignment column.

Double-click on the box in the RN/LPN Assignment column in the same row as the patient.

Type your own name into the RN/LPN assignment section.

Your name will be automatically saved in the Tracking Shell.

NOTE:  All RN/LPN assignment fields will clear by 0600 AM the next day.



Nurse Review Column

HD nurses can receive a notification that new orders have been placed on their assigned patient in Tracking Shell.

When a provider enters a new order in a patient’s chart, this triggers the placement of the Orders For Nurse Review icon  in the Nurse Review column.


HD nurses can monitor Tracking Shell for the notification throughout their shift for their assigned patients.

NOTE: The Orders For Nurse Review icon  is only a visual cue in the tracking shell. Nursing will still be required to go into the patient’s chart under orders and single click the Orders for Nurse Review button.


COVID Symptoms Column

The last entered data in the Covid-19 Symptoms Assessment will be pulled and displayed in the COVID Symptoms Assessment column.

By hovering over the cell you will be able see the Name of the Order, Date and Time of the assessment, the Result and the Individual User that performed the assessment.


NOTE:  The HD nurses' workflow is to assess and document COVID symptoms every time the patient comes for HD.



Remove a Patient from Tracking Shell

Once a patient has been taken off dialysis, they can be assigned to the check out location in the Location column of the Tracking Shell (e.g., change their location to SPH HD ChkOut). This will make the patient “drop off” the list with the Now Running filter.  


Check Out Patient from Ambulatory Organizer (Renal)

In order to remove a patient from the Tracking Shell, they require to be checked out from the Ambulatory Organizer.  Refer to Check Out Patient from Ambulatory Organizer (Renal).

NOTE:  In order for you to check out patients from the ambulatory organizer, your position requires to have the ability to do Registration and Scheduling (i.e. Position: Ambulatory Nurse with Reg/Sched). 




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