Maternity Tracking Shell Overview


The Tracking Shell allows you to see a status overview of mothers and babies. You can access any portion of a patient’s chart, from documentation to orders, from the Tracking Shell.

The Tracking Shell is accessed via the button in the toolbar.


The Location Tabs display a variety of Tracking Shell views.

These Location Tabs allow you to move between different views, such as L&D, Postpartum, and All Beds.


The Tracking Shell Columns display the patients for the selected area with specific patient details.

Notice that the columns vary depending on the location view. For example, the LGH OB All Beds view does not contain labour specific columns such as Cervical Dilation (Dil) and Length.

The Bed column displays the patient’s bed location.

M = Mom bed

A = Baby A bed

B = Baby B bed

C = Baby C bed


The Status column reflects the patient’s status as she moves through her care.

The A column displays allergies. You can hover over the icons to tell you the exact allergy status.

The To Do column displays icons indicating an important task needs to be completed.

The Communications column displays important alerts and communications (e.g. Diabetes, Hepatitis B Positive, Isolation, and Rh Negative). Some of these Communication icons auto populate from documentation in the chart and some are manually inputted.

The NR (Nurse Review) column indicates if there are new orders for the nurse to review. You can double click on the nurse review icon   and the Actions Requiring Review window will open for you to review orders. Providers are not expected to review pending tasks but may do so if they wish.

The Lab column shows the status of lab orders.

The MAR column displays the number of medications as well as medication orders details.


NOTE: The blue forward arrow  opens the chart as does right-clicking on the patient’s name.




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